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Chunin 中忍
Chunin 中忍

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PostSubject: JOJO's BIZARRE ADVENTURE MUGEN EDITION   January 8th 2012, 2:13 pm



Part1 - file/5bqch4012m9737k/Jojo%27s%20Bizarre%20Adventure%20M.U.G.E.N%20Edition.part1.rar
Part2 - file/kbvsckve5wb52y1/Jojo%27s%20Bizarre%20Adventure%20M.U.G.E.N%20Edition.part2.rar
Part3 - file/5ih9a0c26ztf5nz/Jojo%27s%20Bizarre%20Adventure%20M.U.G.E.N%20Edition.part3.rar
Part4 - file/x1hb8ybge8zbeca/extras.rar

Password : [zinesis]

First of all this is a compilation game of Jojo Bizarre Adventure, I didn't make any of the chars present in the game.
I just edit them and add some changes to them. Of course there are still bugs in the game but sadly I cannot fix them with my current level of knowledge in mugen and I remove some features since this is a public release ver.
Okay now that that's done this game contains 30 front chars, 17 hidden chars, and 14 secret chars(the hint should be in the first vid if your wondering about the secret chars) a total of 61 playable chars.
up=w, down= s, left =a, and right =d
Command Buttons
light punch = u, medium punch = i, strong punch = o
stand = j, roll = k, misc =l
start = enter
Course this doesn't apply to the special chars, most of their supers should be the same with the arcade [d df f two punch] and [d db b two punch] some of the chars have more than 3 supers.
Boss Battle
Kousako - Insane (best way to defeat him is to counter his attack or use long range attacks)
Ultimate Dio - Very Hard (predict when will he teleport and counter his attack)
Jotaro (4) -Hard
Kira - Medium

Have fun playing the game Smile

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