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 Sample Batch file Tutorial (Echo and Rem)

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PostSubject: Sample Batch file Tutorial (Echo and Rem)   June 18th 2011, 8:29 am

I'll first show you the complete batch file and then explain what each line does.
@echo off
rem Start of your Batch File
echo Hello World!
echo My First Tutorial
simply copy and paste in notepad then
save it as .bat eg. (EchoTest.bat)

The first line (@echo off) is required to tell DOS not to display the succeeding lines on the monitor screen, and the "@" symbol tells DOS not to show the line itself.

"REM" which is short for "Remark". DOS does not execute these lines.

ECHO [message]
Display your message
echo Hello World
result in this..
Hello World

echo. insert next line.
echo Hello World!
echo Hello World!

will result to this..
Hello World

Hello World

and @pause simply pause your batch file. and displays the message Press any key to continue . . .
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Sample Batch file Tutorial (Echo and Rem)
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